The world is not the place that most people think it is. The Anunaki are part of that confusion.

Many people however are waking up to other energies from cosmic power which are helping to reduce this  phenomenon.

There are many writers, visionaries and healers who have been showing through the ages that the 3Dimensional world is not the only one. Other dimensions DO exist and we tap into them and sometimes thye tap into us.

The 4th dimension is often what we experience most. In sleep, in altered states whether positive or negative and through experiences that are traumatic.

There exist in this dimension 4D beings called the Anunaki. The Anunaki are 4D reptilian beings that  have the agenda of control and domination quite simply. Their pleasure domain is the energy field of the human. By that I mean that the Anunaki have the ability to trick human consciousness into deals which allow themn to dictate and manipulate the human mind for their own device.

This trickery takes the form of enabling the human ‘victim’ to experience continual suffering, failure and repetitive behavioural patterns.

Why you probably ask…The answer is relativerly simple, Food. The anunakineed and  feed on negative emotions to help them exist.

This may be hard for some to accept or believe but though my experiences of healing sessions I have undertaken on many clients this is a often a fundanental flaw in the energy field of many people.


The anunaki and reptilian agenda is active on this planet and has been for centuries. Hollywood, the music industry, religious institutions, political, financial, media and military all are affected. Our obsession with horror, war, slavery and  suffering is featured subtly of often very unsubtly in movies, the news, and even kids games to condition us to be more connected to fear than love.

There are indeed different reasons for anunaki infiltration. let’s take the idea of the effect of childhood trrauma. Often the simple needs of a child in infancy for love, safety and security were ignored, abused or just not understood by family, peer groups, teachers whether indoctrinating religious teachers or impatient school-teachers.

A typical scenario might be this…a child suffers abuse, becomes filled with fear and utter confusion as to what life’s expectancies are: he/she becomes withdrawn,  fearful and lonely. each step of daily existence becomes vieiled with paranoia and despair.

Trust breaks down and the withdrawal starts to take effect perhaps on the phuysical body. At this point it is more than likely that a predator unseen to the human eye will arrive on the energetic plane and trick the suffering child into a friendship and  a bond of future success.

This is a deal which can continue for not only years, decades and a life but also for many lifetimes. it is notonly chiuldren who are vulnmmerable of course. Any illnness, addiction or negative thought process can also attreact the Anunaki visitation and the dangerous hook up enabled.

Fortunately the possibility exists to clear these damaging and potentially life destroying contracts. Pleiuadian Lightwork – fuill sensory perception.

Thi is about life and being a sovereign being – if you have any sense you are living a life of some other energy or you dont feel you are in charge of your self, actions and thoughts – you may need a session !!!

Take action and book now.



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