I was trained in Full Sensory Perception levels 1-5.

My mother tongue is English, but I can do sessions in Spanish, Italian and French.

To undertake a healing session I have be in a ‘trance‘ – it is nothing weird : it is to assure that I do not project anything from my energy field on to that of the client.  Then after a short preparation, I summon the Friends of the Light and they guide me through the clearing of the client’s issues. These may be from present-life experiences and/or parallel-life traumas.

Typical common issues are contracts with parents, siblings and lovers etc; where certain relationships have become and are imbalanced where undercurrents of control, obligation, expectancies, guilt etc may be resulting in aggressor-victim behaviours and therefore emotional stress and suffering.

Then there are often belief systems, which if left untreated, can project influence on to someone’s entire lifetime in a very subtle way.

There are also more extreme situations like possession by demons, jinn, wraiths, extra-dimensional or extra-terrestrial entities….. And lots more…!

During a session the patient relaxes in a chair or on a bed, depending their preference. The deeper the person can relive the relevant negative emotion of any situation that may arise – e.g a past event during childhood – the deeper the clearing will be.

Sessions are one-to one-and can last from one-and-a-half to two hours depending the case. I don’t do receipts right now, sorry to say, nor am I connected to any insurance deals. I will inform you of the necessary details when you apply. I also ask for a same-day cancellation fee of €50 should that situatiuon arise. (Yes, it has happened once too many times in the past.)

At the end of the first healing session it may be that the Pleiadians will recommend that you need to do more sessions – more often than not for a total of 3 or 5 sessions more. This is what the Pleiadians suggest to help you clear thoroughly enough to attain the changes you require. Of course there no limits to the number of clearings should you want to do more.

I cannot imagine a better diagnosis than from the Pleiadians but whether you do another session or not is up to you of course. You are entirely sovereign in your choice of action and I am anyway connected to you through the Dolphin Star Temple Friends of the Light as soon as we start working together. So support will always be with you also during periods of integration.

After a session it is good to drink a lot of water, maybe soak in a bath of Epsom or Tibetan salts.

There may be homework for you to do too. This may take the form of meditation that same night before you sleep, or could mean the writing of affirmations each day for a week, or even the need to follow a course in Bach remedies. I can prepare that for you also for a small fee extra.

The more you follow the Pleiadian course of action the deeper and quicker you will heal. An FSP session could necessitate between three weeks and two months to integrate the new information so afterwards patience and understanding of the body’s need to assimilate at its own pace has to be understood.

Apply through this form if you would like to have a session with me but please indicate that you accept the following disclaimer in your contact message.

Disclaimer – I guarantee nothing with Pleaidian Lightwork sessions and they are not intended to be any substitute for medical treatment. Sessions are one to one and can last from one and a half to two hours depending the case… price for a session is 130-150 euros on a sliding scale (ideally) in cash.  I don’t do receipts right now, sorry to say, nor am I connected to any insurance deals…I also ask for a same-day cancellation fee of 50 euros should that happen…It may be that you will be recommended to do more sessions – on average for a total of 3 or 5 is the norm, but in any case you are entirely sovereign in your choices and I am anyway connected to you through the Dolphin Star Temple Friends of the Light as soon as we start… working together.