Hello world!

When we finally arrive in the 5th dimension¬† money will be a thing of the past…

After two years of financial harassment from certain governmental departments I am now finally back to writing a creative blog.

The pressure I feel is gradually wearing off and so now I can breathe into some serious fun and imaginative ideas again. I have been working of course both as actor and healer but the creative spark was just not there….how smart that they can fix people to be non-functional!

I am celebrating the last moments of the construction of this overdue website for my healing practice. Then soon I will take on the other website which keeps my schizophrenia legal – acting !!!

So there will be nothing deep or incredibly meaningful in this the first blog of the site. Just a wake up call to Google and those analytic folks that I am back.

It has been tough for both my wife and I but perseverance, austerity and faith have kept us on the rails.¬† Just in time as our event of 5th dimensional entry is near, maybe a couple of years more, which means still time to clear up any of the sticky karma and bad habits and trasnsform them into light energy and the frequency that is of the highest possible level…

You the reader I also suggest you get your act in gear as soon as you can unless you want to stay in 3D. Me I have had it with 3D – give me 5D anytime.¬† I have managed to do all of this site and this mini-blog in just three intensive days. PHEW! Money they say don’t exist in 5D….how great is that?

Before I sign off – a call to action – make an appointment now for a healing session and discard all that gunk you are walking around with – you think that is how life is?…HA!!!!

You have no idea of the freedom that awaits you after an doing FSP session.

Good night…zzzzzzzzz




Photos by Johnny Melville & Carolina Feliu


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