I thank all those who sent me a bona fide testimonial which I have listed below.

Solo unas líneas para recomendaros la terapia de Johnny Melville que trabaja online y presencial. El pasado miércoles tuve una sesión con él y me ha sentado estupendamente. Estoy seguro de que los efectos serán permanentes y siento que traerán cambios importantes en mi vida. (Just a few lines to recommend you Johnny’s therapy. Johnny works online and face-to-face. Last Wednesday I had a session with him and it went very well. I’m sure the effects will last and I feel they will bring important changes in my life).

Lluis Marti, Tarragona, Spain – 2020

Thank you Johnny for helping me out in this uneasy healing that took quite your effort and of the light workers.  I was moved deeply into a dark moment after the healing took place. The sadness was unbearable and he was there to talk and show me a good way to deal with that. It is understanding once you know what has been going on. I just can’t thank him and the workers of the light enough because I feel now even all that is going on with the pandemic, the tranquility and peace that I have had  for the first time in a long time. I consider Johnny a healing hand of the light workers. Thank you.

Tess Quintana, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 2020

I received as always an amazing energy sculpting session from my dear old friend, co-working agent of the light in Heart-Tribe & Angel of many skills, “Sir Swan” (her name for me!)  ******* 7 stars, golden. Thank you.

Shanti Devi,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands- 2018

Johnny gave me six sessions and with every one I felt something big being pulled off me. Because of that I am still here on this earth. I recommend sessions with him. For me he is one of the best energy workers that came on my healing path.

Suzanne Langman, Utrecht, The Netherlands – 2017

Over the years I had a few sessions with Johnny. And each time they were flabbergasting. He sets off on a journey and leads you with him by the hand, taking you into the feelings and emotions from way back, then dissolving them to make way for the life that your supposed to live now, free of hindrances from the past. Due to my work as a Tachyon Energy Practitioner I send people to Johnny of whom I think will benefit from his Pleiadian lightwork and the feedback I receive is always amazing. I love Johnny!

Sakshin de Groot, South Portugal 3017

I consulted John a few times in my life…which I can highly recommend. At special times around big events like conception and child birth & other times when I felt stuck in life. Or even just with problems to understand.  A great example was my last session – I was pregnant, two days overdue and afraid I was subconsciously blocking the birth. My baby was born 12 hours after the session. A total dream-delivery!

L. Weilers, The Netherland – 2017

My journey with Johnny started in 2009 when I was close to being bed-ridden, depressed and soulless and I had no clue what was causing it. I then had five sessions with Johnny, four on skype and one in person … and each session unraveled certain problematic mysteries of my life. I felt the entities / Anunakis leaving my body, then I was up and could start to live again – to smile and return to normalcy. I would recommend Johnny to anyone and everyone who needs any healing of any sort … physical, emotional or psychological. He’s simply the best and a very honest soul!

Pratima,  India /Vancouver , Canada 2016


In the three sessions we have had together, you have proven to be an intuitive, loving and especially ethical guide, in transforming energy and my soul-work. Because of your integrity, i trust you fully. This makes me feel safe, so I can relax in your guidance. And trust the process. Because of this, I am able to go deep during the sessions. The sessions we have had, have been amazingly transformative. Reaching literally to the depths of my soul, reaching memories I wasn’t even aware of. You lovingly help me release them. Clearing up energy, creating more space for me, helping me to be more free. During one session my entire relationship dynamic changed. From vicious passive aggression and intense power struggles, to equality. You have helped me come to the root problem, reaching into my subconscious. I am deeply grateful and I would recommend you to anyone who is searching for such deep work. 

Erika Kennedy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 2016

I asked Johnny for help when I was fragile, desperate and confused. I felt that he was the one I had to turn to. At the first session I started crying, but I did not have to explain myself. I felt safe, understood, supported. All sorts of things came up during the sessions : fear, blocks, traumas, sensations in my body, recognition. All this made me understand why I feel what I feel and how to move on. I hadn’t asked about previous lives, but it came up. It resonated a lot within me and made me understand why and what I am going through. I learned techniques to free myself from energies that no longer serve me. Thank you, Johnny for your being and the healing I received. It was very important to make this journey.

Christa Kerstens, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Si los acontecimientos que acompañan a la vida son una consecuencia del pasado, si pudiéramos saber cuántas vidas repetimos y volvemos a repetir patrones y conductas, trataríamos de hacer lo correcto para poder evolucionar y lograr avanzar en la iluminación sin tener la necesidad de enfrentarnos a episodios dolorosos y muchas veces violentos. Cuando supe que existían personas capaces de asistir en la evolución espiritual y capaz de conectarse con conciencia de Las Pleiades, me pareció una oportunidad y una salida de escape para algunos problemas que me tenían estancada y sin energía. Fue cuando pude contactar con Johnny Melville, que visitó mi casa en Chile. Desde el comienzo del Healing fue magia, no tan solo por la forma de contactar con los maestros ascendidos de luz, sino también porque al preguntarme ciertas cosas personales, sin que yo dijera nada Johnny me iba adelantando cosas que me sucedieron en la niñez. Cuando me dijo acontecimientos de vidas pasadas, me dio mucho sentido al hacer la conexión con esta vida y la posible solución de reparar y sanar al cerrar contratos con energías y personas que había causado algún daño en mi vida, en mi alma. Los maestros ascendidos me ayudaron a desbloquear mi chacra sexual y gracias a eso pude quedar embarazada de mi hija que ahora tiene 2 años, ante de eso no había podido concebir. Los efectos posteriores del Healing fueron casi inmediatos, ya no tenía pesadillas y la sensación de sentirme libre energéticamente y entender que cada suceso, cada persona que conozco es importante y muy valiosa. Gracias Johnny por toda la energía que fluye por tu ser para la sanación.

Andrea de la Cuidad, Cajon de Maipu, Chile


The healings with Johnny gave me lots of deep feelings, insights and understandings about both myself and energy fields that I didn’t manage to get in many many years of therapy. They helped me to develop a positive inner voice that I now can hear on a regular basis.

M. v. B., The Netherlands – 2016

I remember how Johnny created a safe atmosphere in which I could relax easily. His serious approach and devotion to the healing brought me back to a very old blood-brother contract with my long departed lover. A contract I was not aware of  – that which may have kept me  from taking important steps in my life or it did maybe without me realising. After the healing I felt more space inside me, i could let the past go and continue on my path with refreshed, cleaner energy, optimism and more zest for life…It was like carrying a rock in a backpack which eventually you get so used to that you forget about the rock!  This specific healing took that heavy rock out of my backpack! Hallelujah!  I am so grateful for all the support from my fellow humans, healers, teachers and Masters – happy you are one of them, Johnny Melville!

J. W., Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 2016


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