We all have traumas – what’s yours?

Energy healing is for everybody. We are all made up of energy as is everything.

Because of that, it is how it is – we all got traumas.

For sure some people have a lot worse experiences than others, more tragic more painful and so on, but a trauma is a trauma is a trauma, and because of that it is relative to each and every person.

Sure some people work on their issues and come away with mental and even physical satisfaction that their issues are healed: but ntil the issue is cleared in the energy field itself, the problem is not solved and this could lead to a great deal of confusion, even denial for the person involved. No matter how much meditation or ‘talking out’ the problem with assigned or hired specialists, it is the energy field which still carries the issue in all its power, the same power indeed as when the trauma was created.

My experience is that Pleiadian Lightwork can solve these energy field contaminations and that without the need for any pharmaceutical drugs.

Take a baby for example. Its existence represents the most vulnerable state for any human. It relies on its Mum – and hopefully its Dad as well – for all the functions that it has.: food and waste of course especially.

We were all a baby but can anyone actually remember how it was? No, not until around 3 or 4 years old do the memories normally begin. Some people have flashes they say of baby moments, even me but I am not sure if that is real memory or imagined. So take for example a baby who needs the mother’s breast. It cries and splutters to get attention. But supposing Mum is on the phone and has a very important call….she waves at baby and tries to calm it with some coo coo words assuring that I’ll be there in a minute. There might even be irritation in the voice or even a frustration verging on impatience or worse….

Until that baby has its mouth on her breast and the milk is flowing into the hungry stomach the baby is amassing a series of traumas one on top of another… the baby has no understanding more than its need to eat. So if there is no immediate respite it panics, and panic is a state that is not so easily reversable. At last the Mother arrives picks up the baby who will clutch at the tit, then maybe eventually calm itself with the warming mik for that time being. But the energy of that moment has left a scar, which may have already some connections that hunger might provoke fear, irritation or aggression.

Our unconscious mind is a multi levelled random-chaos of a Jackson Pollack in that attic that’s never been cleaned out mixed with all the-impressions of life’s up and downs over which we have very little control.

the unconscious is a bit like this only much more crazy!

That’s why trigger words can change the mood of a dinner party in a split second. These moments of the unconscious reacting may be repeated ad infinitum through a person’s life until they face up to the fact it’s not another person’s fault for the communication breakdown but their own.,

So where and how to begin clearing this huge debacle? I have tried various intensive s approaches to clear my issues but I must say the deepest effects I managed to experience came during my training be a FSP practitioner in Pleiadian Lightwork. Working one to one each course necessitated the removal of our unconscious and unknown as well as known issues.These can be categorized as personal belief systems but also involve contractual agreements with a parent, sibling, lover and so on…Again I mean here on the energetic level.

The traumas are there just waiting to be triggered. And triggered, therefore exposed they will be at some point.

The unconscious power of such energy field damage can often influence the life of a person, completely unaware of such a problem.I also have worked with actors with these priinciples to enable them to understand motives and traits of character development.

In my Scottish upbringing I remember well when my parents took me to visit my older Scottish relatives ~Aunt Chris and Uncle Jack. No mattter what the mood of the day I was always told at meal time – LIITTLE BOYS ARE SEEN AND NOT HEARD.

It was not until I thought about it many many years later that message that was drilled into my mind every time we met actually had a seriously deep effect on me. Apasrt from never having the courage to speak up in debates or arguments for many years, i realised why I had become a performing mime..

I suggest you take the chance on one of my healings. as soon as possible and start to advance your life today

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