I am that I am

My name is John Arthur Swan Melville. I am a star-seed from an angel-realm somewhere between Pleiades and Orion.

I believe these territories like the other territories we are told exist in the outer Galaxies are not in fact out there anywhere,  but beyond the ice wall on a flat earth trajectory which is the central plane of global shaped object, but with – as the Christian Bible outlines – is a firmament of very special impenetrable material.

Waters exist on the other side. Beyond the ice wall of so-called Antartica, are I believe the other worlds and realms. Quite simply put, NASA is a deception-spreading entity set up to tell us lies to have us believing a fiction.

There are many such beings mixing with the human colony here in Mother Earth or Gaia: light-workers, star-seeds, walk-ins, aliens……a lot of us are performers, musicians, visual artists, writers and – of course – healers…but who am I? The following definitions actually do explain to a point the person behind the name.  I was integrated here with Scottish and English parents under the name:

JOHN (a friend of God). ARTHUR (a noble BEAR from the Celtic name, Artos) SWAN (the monogamous bird, the early word for servant and also a poet noted for grace and melody). MELVILLE (from the town Maleville in Normandy. Since the reign of David the 1st in Scotland this name has been a registered clan. Clan motto is Denique Coelum which in Latin means –  Heaven at Last! My clan tartan can be seen here above.

I am an Aquarius with rising Scorpio.

In Chinese astrology I am a fire pig.

In Mayan terminology I am Blue Planetary Storm

In Numerology I am a ‘5′  which is the Hierophant in the Tarot.

I am a theatre & film director, instructor and teacher, actor and healer, singer and poet, performer and actor, mimic and mime, buffoon and writer, laughter-maker and lover. I have been a professional performer since 1973.

I have been a Level Five Pleiadian Lightwork practitioner since 2008. I call myself the Energysculptor.

Art work by Fragitsa Qatoyireeti from a street fountain in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter with me placed centrally as wind blower.