Survival & Empowerment is vital now more and more for our human race:

The energy-sculptor’s guide to survival & empowerment in the modern world, realise your Buddhahood and become a galactic human.

  1.  Start listening to women

Women hold the key to wisdom and the creation of life. They hold the doorway to peace. They hold the labours of childbirth for nine months. If you are male, then nurture your female side so that a balance can be attained.

Celibacy was a word and action corrupted by religious control games. It was not about not having sex but about the person being balanced with both male and female energies in their own body as a make-up and a preparation for having spiritual sex. Left side is feminine, the right side is masculine.‘Christ consciousness’ in the language of the Maya (Central America) is the same meaning as tantric sex.….

For thousands of years women have been neglected, exploited, insulted, abused, burnt, harassed, ignored, and subjected to unbelievable tortures and humiliation; but the times of misogyny are coming to a close. Patriarchy is on its way out. Matriarchy in its purest form, will soon be the new cosmic fashion….

     2.  Respect and protect children.

 They are the future of our world. Sponsor a starving child, adopt an orphan, and go out of your way to make a child laugh today.  END pedophilia and its Satanic rituals now.

      3. Celebrate ALL forms of life
All living creatures are here for a reason. Let us start to respect them and treasure them as we would our own children. Let us put an end to unnecessary cruelty to the animal kingdom in laboratories, meat-factories, fur-farms, Chinese markets – wherever they are treated as inferior beings. NOW

4.  Clean up your karma

  • emotional, physical, mental, etheric, psychic and spiritual bodies. Start to trust your intuition. Chant buddhism, take a course of healing and even take up healing practice, find ways of connecting to light. Beware of any organized religion which says you have to suffer or implies control. Men and women are equal beings. Life is to be enjoyed. Fear has to be eliminated otherwise your mind will become locked in a series of unhealthy belief systems and the body follow with sickness and atrophy.

” Earth changes only occur when Lady Gaia needs to release energies that create unbalance. Just like a mother will clean dirt out of her house so that her children remain healthy so does Lady Gaia as your planetary mother. You are all her children and your welfare is her primary concern. As we have explained several times, your collective emotional bodies comprise your planetary mothers emotional body. When you suppress and repress traumas she holds them as well. And as you have learned, suppressed emotions will eventually come to the surface to be integrated and cleared. But if you choose to continue to suppress the traumas to the point that they unbalance your planetary mother, she will be forced to release them for you. If she doesn’t she will become too ill to support you. You have experienced these effects yourselves, as the cause of all your physical and emotional ill health.You, the children determine the health of your planetary mother. As you mature consciously you realize this and begin taking responsibility for your health and begin clearing the stuck energies thus bringing yourselves back into balance. As you do so individually you do so for your planetary mother. Thus each individual fear that you integrate and release can decrease the height of a future tidal wave by 50 feet. Each time you clear an old pattern, you can lessen the wind velocity of a future hurricane by 75 mph. In essence your emotional clearing work directly impacts future earth changes. The more you clear the less your planetary mother must do for you. And since emotional/physical clearing increases your vibratory rate/level of consciousness, it is how you can avoid a major pole shift when Nibiru returns.

9D Nibiruan Council Update July, 2002 By Devin/Jelaila

  5. Discover tantric love and follow it


6. Keep seminal orgasms for the act of creation.


7. Be truthful to yourself and others

  • The truth can hurt sometimes but in the end it is always a better solution. Lies always eventually return to the source creating chaos and unnecessary complications & problems.


Dare to release

  • It is lazy to find the easy way out to be stubborn, incommunicative and/or seek revenge. Where has it got anyone in the past? Choose dialogue and try to understand the other person’s needs before those of your ego. One ripple of forgiveness no matter how small will go along way to disarming the armies of the world. Light and love will always conquer evil but that can only happen when we can talk to each other instead of dishing out verbal or physical violence; and when we try to come to solutions with our love partners, children, work-mates and strangers as fellow beings, equal and free, then will progress be made on a global scale..
  • Find a chiropractor or an osteopath or a cranial-sacral therapist or a shiatsu expert or a doctor dealing with Chinese herbs that someone recommends and that you feel you can trust and do a series of body correction sessions. Look into the possibilities of clearing of your being with homeopathic medicines, flower remedies and natural medicines and supplements.
  • Talk to the sun, the moon, and mother earth and the planets – they are living entities and have greater knowledge and experience than all the civilisations of mankind or any other race put together…….
  • Avoid becoming stress-addicted : breathe deeply in fresh air and relax at least 3 times a day x 15 minutes. Take time in nature. Lean up against a tree and communicate with it silently or out loud. Listen/feel to what it tells you and let it give you energy and wisdom. It has been there a lot longer than you. And………you may well come back as a tree in your next life, so treat them well and listen to them.

Eat organic foods

  • if you can manage it grow your own: it is cheaper and more rewarding.


Stop smoking

  • not only does smoking cause physical problems with heart, lungs and circulation it also damages the aura puncturing the protective shield of light , causing ‘dark’ energies to enter into your aura (which is effectively your force-field) and this can cause damage to your immune-defence system.


Cut down or better cut out stimulants like alcohol and drugs

  • Reasons should be obvious enough. But also weakens the immune and endocrine systems and the aura.
  • Dare to laugh and be happy in public: in the streets, buses, restaurants. Make people join in with you. Smile and say hello to strangers and friends alike. Let the laughing infection spread. People were made to be happy so let’s promote hat energy. Laugh WITH people but not AT them – shy away from the PUT-DOWN humour of the ‘modern’ TV comedians. It is cheap and degrading for everyone especially the comedian.


Drink decent water

  • Water additives like chlorine and fluorides are poisons. Even traces of arsenic have been found in tap water in the States. If you can afford it install a water-filter system or drink bottled water or better still use ‘revitalised’ or ‘structured’ or ‘energy’ water: this water carries memory encodings which can be passed on to damaged water like tap waters.

Look into the new alternative energies/healing miracles: tachyons, magnetic therapies like the one here from Alex Chiu.


Cut down or better cut out refined sugar

  • It saps energy, is addictive and creates aggressive behaviour……If you need sweetners use maple syrup, honeys, fresh fruits.
  • Cut out meat
    • The slaughter of animals in the meat industry is inhumane and barbarous. Meat contains many additives and some vegetables (lentils for example) contain more protein. If you must eat meat then for your own sake eat organic, and better white meats like chicken or fish.

    Cut down or better cut out all dairy products

    • Forget the commercials. Milk is fat and little else. Drink milk from grains – soya, oat, brown rice



  • avoid the exploitation and dissemination of fear
  • Stop watching TV
    Stop watching TV or if you cant, try to avoid commercials/news and the garbage of TV-soaps, quiz shows, and the irrelevances of sport . It is my belief that TV is used as tool for mind control and furthermore contains questionable electronic frequencies which I believe can influence your behaviour, thoughts and dreams. Consider consulting a diviner or use tachyons as a means of lowering dangerous EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies)
  • Beware of pop music lyrics
  • they are usually about ‘love’ which in the pop-world’s definition means pain and suffering. True love is compassionate and without demands, and not about ownership or manipulation. Repeated pop lyrics listened to ad infinitum create imbalances in people, conditioning them in very subtle ways. Try singing’ My loneliness is thrilling me’ instead of ‘My loneliness is killing me‘ and you will notice the difference in your general mood when you are alone.



Exploitation and misrepresentation of what the great spiritual leaders said and the adoption of false and damaging myths .



The governmental bludgeoning on the youth of nations by blinding them with the nations’ flags and and the importance of nationality from an early age, together with other carefully thought-out divisive tricks, are designed to ensure a rough and competitive society where we are led down the dangerous paths of continuing struggles with our brothers and sisters.  Remember the social distancing of our Covid Plandemic. of separation.  Not to mention the other emissions of Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) of various devices like Mobile fones, computers and of the Tell-lie-vision TV itself plus its subliminal & hidden suggestions in the output. Reflected also in a huge programming-time of aggressive sports, porno and nonsense games-shows designed to keep the onlookers divided and sidetracked from the spiritual path that humans need for co-operation and tribal harmony.


Sensational reporting like accusing target citizens on morality slanders, filling the pages or screens with irrelevant topics like sport, money-winning- obsession games, mindless soap-operas and page 3 nudes plus oodles of sex which avoid any issues of importance such as the advancement of the human spirit, education of galactic power or the truths of what is really happening in and to our planet.



Shameless advertising, corruption in high places, affiliations with organised crime and catastrophic decisions for quick easy profits (the destruction of our equatorial rain-forests, the use of lies and deceit to create consumer -related myths (like eg Santa Claus ) become more prevalent every year. Multi-national companies now figure higher than countries in economic growth and the G7, G8, G20 and other multi-multi-nationals along with secret groups like the ‘Bilderbergers‘ threaten to take over everything.


The earlier you can numb a mind with viol


Beware mobile/cellular phone-radiation

– stay off mobile calls as much as possible, or at least keep them short. Install a wave blocker like a tachyon chip.

Beware microwave ovens

Use fresh organic foods when possible and indulge in home-baking and home-cooking as much as you can.The use of artificial microwave transmissions for subliminal psychological control, a.k.a. “brainwashing”, has also been proven: there are Russian research documents and results written by Drs. Luria and Perov specifying their clinical experiments in this area. And from the conclusions of other studies (Swiss, Russian and German scientific clinical studies), it really might be worth dumping that microwave oven. After you throw out your microwave you can use a toaster oven as a replacement. It works well for most and is nearly as quick.


Reasons for NOT using microwave ovens

1). Continually eating food processed from a microwave oven causes long term – permanent – brain damage by “shorting out” electrical impulses in the brain [de-polarizing or de-magnetising the brain tissue].

2). The human body cannot metabolise [break down] the unknown by-products created in microwaved food.

3). Male and female hormone production is shut down and/or altered by continually eating microwaved foods.

4). The effects of microwaved food by-products are residual [long term, permanent] within the human body.

5). Minerals, vitamins, and nutrients of all microwaved food is reduced or altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit, or the human body absorbs altered compounds that cannot be broken down.

6). The minerals in vegetables are altered into cancerous free radicals when cooked in microwave ovens.

7). Microwaved foods cause stomach and intestinal cancerous growths [tumours]. This may explain the rapidly increased rate of colon cancer in America.

8). The prolonged eating of microwaved foods causes cancerous cells to increase in human blood.

9). Continual ingestion of microwaved food causes immune system deficiencies through lymph gland and blood serum alterations.

10). Eating microwaved food causes loss of memory, concentration, emotional instability, and a decrease of intelligence.


Beware the blood lines and political game players struggle for power

The blood lines stepped up to a new level in their efforts to control you using scalar wave technology. But like all technology whose effect is based on your state of your DNA, the effects of the Global Elites’ scalar wave weapons are based on your current DNA status. As we have explained before, the state of your DNA is determined by your state of consciousness which can be elevated through compassion. Thus, if you change your DNA from carbon based to crystalline based their scalar weapons cannot harm you. To this end we have ensured that each race involved in the Grand Experiment has provided you with their tools to integrate and release these emotional blocks based on your individual genetics. And even greater tools are being given as you achieve the states of awareness to understand and use them.

Compassion, the Solution to the Global Elite

The current agenda of the Global Elite is to use all forms of media to leak stories of major catastrophes coming next year from an incoming asteroid or planet. Using ‘authorities’ that they will manipulate to promote this concept and the use of HAARP to induce a more fearful response to it, they believe they can whip you into a state of panic so that you will willingly give up all your remaining power and rights in order to survive. As we mentioned earlier, you have unprocessed traumas of past transits wherein your world experienced major catastrophe and this is the trauma they intend to trigger in order to completely enslave you. Now is the time to recall these memories and like with any buried trauma process it and release it. The most effective way is to talk about it. Keep in mind that you are in the driver’s seat controlling the outcome of any transit. Therefore, if a past transit was cataclysmic, it was what your collective souls required for further evolution. Pain is the catalyst for change and is a tool used both individually and collectively whether it be a planet or an entire solar system. Planets are people and a solar system is a family of people. When the souls of a solar family request a catalyst for growth they will draw it to them in the form of a being like Nibiru, a supernova or some other astronomical event. The Global Elite are betting on the fact that you will remain ignorant of this knowledge and therefore will use the appearance of Nibiru to terrorize you into cooperating with them. If you allow this you will lose your planet and your free will.

It is our great hope that through this missive and the information we are providing this channel that you will understand what is occurring, take back your power and your world from this group, not by fighting but with compassion. Understand that they are you, for all souls are one regardless of what form they take or role they play. They are your reflection, the dark side of your being that you have yet to integrate. Remember that you are all creator gods and goddesses and the Global Elite and their controllers are part of your creation, manifested as your mirror. Do not hate, integrate! If you do this you will release your Global Elite brothers and sisters from their roles, your planet will move out of harms way and together you can celebrate Nibiru’s passing with great joy.

In service,
Devin, Head of the Galactic Federation’s 9D Nibiruan Council
Through Jelaila


Earth and the Global Elite Now

Your stellar parents are well aware that you are quickly reaching a crisis point in your ascension. It was one of the main reasons that the two royal houses agreed to put their own conflicts aside. As with any quarrelling family, when a child is in crisis they all stop and pull together to help that child. But this does not mean that they will come and save you, it means that they will work together to give you the assistance to save yourselves. They know that you can save yourselves with the proper knowledge and support and to this end they are committed. But to save yourselves you must know who and what is threatening you.

At this time your world is being threatened by an alliance of negatively aligned beings from Sirius B (explained more fully in the forthcoming book) and a reptilian race that they have enslaved to carry out their objectives on Earth. In addition they are allied with a league of android races originating from Andromeda. Together these Sirians and Andromedan androids mean to take control of earth. You can stop this from happening by doing just one thing, ascending yourselves and your planet to a new dimension where this group cannot affect you. How do you do this? Through compassion, through integrating your Light and Dark sides, through finding the value in all the things you judge as bad and evil. This group (you call them the Global Elite, but we include their hyper dimensional controllers as well), can only achieve their goals by controlling you through your fears. You have collective fears from unprocessed ancient traumas (we call them emotional blocks) of both a planetary and stellar nature. The Global Elite have been given the ancient knowledge of scalar wave technology which they have already used to create weapons of great destruction. One of those weapons is known as HAARP. A newer one is radiation 5G. Right now as you go about your daily lives they are implementing a new plan that involves the creation of ELF towers which will when all are built provide more precise deployment of scalar waves. Through this technology they can control the minds of all people inducing various states of consciousness in the populations of their choice. They can induce disease, panic, depression and rage just to name a few. Recently they discarded their previous plan to rid the population of weapons because you have risen above their ability
to control you in this manner. 

Beware of neon lighting

  • it is also used to promote mind control and weaken the immune system: use natural light whenever possible or good electric bulbs, halogens etcStop using perfumed products (soap-powders, washing liquids perfumes etc) – these products contain agents which destroy the neurons in the brain and cause allergies and illness. Avoid all products that include sodium laureth or lauryl sulphate

Beware newspapers & TV

  • Read with an open mind: omissions are often part of a news story. Read books and let your imagination recover itself. Investigate other sides to any perspective. Do NOT accept government controlled media or statements at face vale. Question everything…

Beware photochemical smog and acid rain.

  • ‘Drink lots of water, take catnaps, and walk barefoot on the ground and talk with others of like mind when your Inner Child starts to panic, which he/she will certainly do many times until you get used to the new level of energy’